How easy it is

I thought about this site in the supermarket this morning. I thought I should write posts that are positive or that cross the three areas of my life I’ve  indicated above.

I chaired the Parents’ forum this morning. This afternoon I sorted out some paperwork the council need from me about hairdressing. This evening I went to three private views.

Last night I was preparing for this morning’s parents’ forum. I had no agenda ready. Previously I’d asked people via email to suggest some items for the agenda, but as far as I can remember, no one suggested anything. So I’d put together an agenda of things that I thought we ought to discuss. Last night it occured to me that it was becoming Simon’s Parents forum, so I decidede not to come up with an agenda for this morning and it went just as well, if not better than previously. Raj, another dad, volunteered to be the secretary last month and this has made my life as chair, a lot easier.  I’d still like the parents’ forum to embrace teh internet age, and now that I’m getting the hang of wordpress, I’m thinking about using it as the online parents forum. each item from the minuets could be a post and parents could communicate with each other via comments on each post.

I’ve been putting off compiling the profit and loss statement which RBK&C requested of me for ages and today I made an extensive start on it. Its a shame that they don’t give people a template, that would make life a lot easier. I’ll suggest that to them.

This evening I went to three private views. One at Sadie Coles, one in Jeffery West and one in 3space’s place in Old Street. I would love to report on them in depth, comparing each, but that would mean I’d be up into the wee small hours. So I’ll try to give each a comprehensive sentence instead.

Sparticus Chetwind had rewalled 4 new burlington place into a paper fantsy funhouse which attracted hundresd of anonymous istaclans. Carl Hoare’s friends packed Jeffery west’s tiny bootique yet more densly,  his pictures, like Ruby’s naked body, mesmorise, her lipstick is smudged on my neck. Although I admired  the dilligence with which Specs gallery’s incorporated the official, I was scared not by how hard it is to put a good exhibiton together, rather by how easy it is to put a bad one toghther.