Synopsis of IEB

As part of organising the advisers meeting, I’ve written a synopsis of InEmptyBuildings to email people. Its nice and concise so thought I’d pop it up here:

The initial objective is to enable artists, to support and stimulate each other; by using vacant commercial buildings in central London, at very low cost, on a short term basis.

As InEmptyBuildings progresses, other areas where profit-making is not the motivational factor will be explored. For example, there may be, or etc. So, the diversity and number of people using will increase.

However it will begin with as follows:

3 Facilitators will run each building:

    • A Building Manager, who’ll be responsible for the practical aspects of the building,
    • An Art Director, who’ll be responsible for the ways in which artists may use the building, and
    • A Publicist, who’ll be responsible for attracting visitors to the building.

Artists will pay a small weekly fee to access a secure area of each building which they may use as a studio or collective project space.

Visitors will access an open public area of each building.

Income generated from the use of the building will go to the facilitators.