emit time

Family timetable trialAs of this week we have a family timetable.
For each of us, every 15 mins of each day has been considered.  Doing this, I realised how much time Dalia spends at nursery. It was a mammoth task  to compile, and its by no means perfect yet, but its had a fantastic impact on our home life.

It sounds anal, but neither Bogna nor I are naturally disciplined. This used to result in a level of chaos that sent me into an almighty tidying-up strop.  With the advent of us home educating Dalia and Poppy, I’m sure the benefits of this timetable will become increasingly evident.

I mentioned this new approach to our parent friends R&S in the park yesterday. S noted that its hard for parents who work from home; we’ll always prioritise our commitments to our children over work.

Bogna’s been working on InEmptyBuildings yesterday and this morning and I’ve spent more time with Dalia and Poppy. Bogna used to spend her time with the girls while I’d be working on IEB, hairdressing & 37m.

I’m so happy now Bogna’s got time alloted for IEB too – her involvement is critical. Now that I have less time, I’ll be more productive. Its a kinda inverse Parkinsons Law.

Tomorrow I need to refine my time use. There’s a lot to be said for mulling over work thoughts while my concious mind is keeping an eye on Dalia as she cycles across the road.