I spent the morning scouring the internet and on the phone. The day started with another call to Andrew Richmond. He’s been in touch with the Trafalgar Square people and it looks like it’s all set to go ahead for September. I’ll meet him next Tuesday. This gave me a real kick and I started to plan what will become of the collection, in earnest. The idea of them ending up at the Tate is, in retrospect, dull. Besides they’re taking an unnecessarily long time to reply to my email. On the other hand these kids picnic tables are much more useful. It would be great if we could get them installed in playgrounds maybe even get the Vivienne Westwood design team on the case and create Vivienne Westwood picnic tables. I’ve decided not to worry any more about how I might make any money out of this, if I do, somehow – great. If I don’t then it’s no big deal, What’s more important is that I’m doing something I believe in.

Speaking of which I was reading the comments on articles about plastic bags. It’s a good way to test my belief in this project. While there are always endless statically based rambling debates they’re punctuated with the odd simple truth like this one

“please explain to me what is so difficult about storing a few shopping bags in the back of the car, in your bag, or simply remembering to take them with you when you go shopping…..

In Holland, where I come from, we have not had free plastic bags in supermarkets for decades, and nobody has a problem with it. Believe me, you get used to it, just like you get used to putting your shoes on when you venture outside.


Perhaps you should just get used to doing a bit of planning…..”  is 

So all in all the plastic bag collection looks like it’s coming to life.

I’m so happy.

I spent the afternoon working on IEB. On Friday I went to see Sydney Levinson, we worked through the bits of the UnLtd application I’ve had trouble with. He also added some useful bits to parts I thought were perfect. This afternoon I emailed Clive Lampard and Peter Korn asking them how much I need to set aside for them to help with agreeing terms and Licence agreements with landlords and to set up the company. 

The boss man from BPI gave me a call and expressed his concerns about the collection getting hijacked by “the Anti-s”. He’s right, I really don’t want this to become a shallow exercise. The key to it becoming something more is the numbers of people involved. It will be quite some feat when a quarter of London each brings their 25 bag stash, but in that event they’ll be deeply aware of their responsibility.


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  1. I am very happy about the way you think. That can make such a big difference in our society today. Keep on spreading the word to recycle, reuse and save our environment!

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