British Library’s Swap Skills

On Tuesday I went to speak to Chloe Titcomb the marketing manager at the BIPC about digitizing the Swap Skills noticeboard.

We spoke for about 40 mins and I explained my thoughts so far (marked with a yellow margin in these images)

Chloe could see I’d put a good deal of consideration into the idea. She explained the BL’s main obstacles which are financial (neither subscription nor advertising being options for income) and technological (equipment, ), but crucially NOT ideological. ie they love the idea, it’s just blocked somewhere in their institutional pipeline.

So I left the meeting feeling despondent faced with these two major obstacles. As I went down the stairs to the front door I had an idea. Earlier in the week, I’d been involved in a Twitter (which is becoming less of a mystery to me) conversation with @eurydice who redesigns information at IBM about Leuchtturn notebooks, and I think because of this, it occurred to me that if IBM were to sponsor the idea this would overcome both obstacles at once, being both a financially wealthy organisation (I assume) and technologically endowed.  So I turned around and went back up to the BIPC and caught Chloë in conversation with the receptionist  (Hopefully talking about my idea!) I proposed the possibility of corporate sponsorship, and her eyes seemed to light up and she said something like ah yes that’d work.

So I’ve sent Sophie Exintaris (IBM’s information redesigner) a LinkedIn contact request and see if she knows who to talk to within the corporate sponsorship dept at IBM and get them to talk to their counterparts at the BL.

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