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Sometimes I just want to write, this is one of those times. Nothing’s playing on my mind, nothing I’m conscious of anyway, but I just want to write. Some people must get this all the time. Now as I’m rewriting this, the grey letters “Enter title here” still loom over this first paragraph. Maybe I’ll leave them, that’ll stop them bugging me.

I can hear Dalia spluttering in bed. It must be somewhere between one and two in the morning. I can hear a drunk guy talking too loudly far off. I can hear the clatter of me on the keyboard and pacing this all out, the ticking of the clock. Louder now I’ve noticed it.

The girls and I went to the V&A this afternoon, I’d cut my hair and styled Dalia and Poppy’s too. It was really great fun, and even if I do say so myself, I did some great looks. I’m really in the hairdressing mood recently.

Johannah suggested I incorporate Bogna’s NoPoo in my hairdressing. Baging up sachets of baking soda and portioning out vinegar with instructions to make the whole thing easier for people. It got me thinking about how I’ve always hated all the chemical crap that gets spread over people’s heads. Made me think about how cheated and fooled they are by corporations like L’Oreal.

Homemadepommade… hmm there’s an idea for a youtube!

I used to go to the British Library and read over this book called Plocacosmos. It’s a book about hairdressing from 1782, as I remember it, there’s all sorts of unintelligible recipes in there. I feel them beckoning now. Ooh its on Amazon for £15

I think I’ll keep this to 300 words. I should write more often, I do feel sleepier now.

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