Who wants to do what?

It’s been wonderful hearing back from everyone over the past few days – thank you for your replies! So that we can really start to embrace a spirit of creative collaboration, I’m asking you all to take a few moments to briefly describe what you want to do in reply to this post.

Making the most of this lead up period will avoid the frustration of opening a squat with nothing happening and the clock ticking. We will have the first meeting this Sunday 6th at 5pm and another the following Sunday. I’ll post the meeting location on Saturday. I’m aiming for us to have been in occupation for a week or so by the end of October. By Friday 18th we should have everything ready so we can hit the ground running and be prepared to be in occupation for a good two weeks. Then we can move on to the next places. I want to emphasise how important it is that we are familiar with one another before we enter. Being organised in this way also goes hand in hand with promoting ethical squatting and will help people learn how to squat well.

Very few people have asked about what the place will be like inside. That’s good because I can’t say anything more than that it will be a lot of empty rooms full of potential! Quite a few people have expressed an interest in getting involved from abroad and there are also people in London who would like to help, but have almost no time on their hands. If this is your situation, the best and easiest way you could help is by sharing this proposal request with specific friends back here in London who you think will be interested. And  of course, asking them to share it as well.

If you want to spread the word further, paste a link to this post on websites, email groups, online communities, comments on newspaper articles etc, basically anywhere you think appropriate, and of course tell your friends in the real world too! Above all though, please remember the fundamental point of this project is to improve the profile of squatting through making positive use of commercial buildings, so please be sure to express that every time you mention this project.

Word your sharing wisely!

Well yeah in summary I’m overwhelmed by the fantastic response THANKS EVERYONE! Please now reply to this with a few words, or even sentences, about what you want to do so we can all see what a great project is developing here. Include the following if you like: a title of what you’ll do; a brief description of what it is; resources/skills you might need; resources/skills you can bring & share; dates/times you can be involved.

21 thoughts on “Who wants to do what?

  1. Everything hectic. Being kicked out of my flat mid October and am frantically looking for a job.
    So a. Would be happy to ‘squatsit’ at night and b. I will have freetime to conduct art classes, and look for a job…etc.
    I’ve always been interested in ethical squatting, and this actually seems to be the perfect time. Rent in London also shocking me!
    I live out of a suitcase, not very precious about stuff.

    1. Fantastic to hear from you Finnula. Unlikely as it may sound, I’m certain this will be a great opportunity for you to find a job. You’re going to meet loads of people and the opportunities will come rolling to you. Its directly thanks to my involvemnet in 59 Rivoli, that I got a job teaching hairdressing in Japan. There are endless other examples of people moving their careers on in a massive way thanks to squatting. Speaking of Paris, I’ve got a plan afoot for those of us who’re interested and available to get into the already much more respected Parisian squatting scene as of 15th November when it becomes legal there. Will have to save that for another post.

      (ps in answer to your chat question: If you use your facebook/twitter/gmail/wordpress account to comment, it will use your profile pic from there, and your name will link to your profile)

  2. Hey Simon and everyone, we are primarily interested in running events and workshops (printmaking, bookbinding, graphic design, illustration) and since we are currently looking for a flat, it would be great if we could also live there since we really only need little space to sleep because we have shower and kitchen facilities at university.
    Since we are studying at the RCA, we could also talk to other students to bring a variety of activities to the space if desired.

  3. Hi Simon, I was thinking of creating some graffiti artwork, on a large wall with a really cool street artist I have found called Wetfoot. I would also like to sort out and open exhibition of sculpture installation and painting and video art, and try and get as much press and industry attention as possible. Also I was thinking any artist that would wish to get involved would have to pay a small fee of £5 to £10 we will need money to promote the exhibition and pay for drinks on the press night and opening night and the rap party or maybe everyone hanging can just make a donation to help pay for the show. On the closing night we should have a few bands play, and there should be a peoples choice award I think.

    That what I can offer, but I would need help.



  4. Hi Simon! great to hear you’re back in action. Love to support you in any way I can. I’m happy to explore the possibility of holding life drawing classes at the space in the first instance… let me know when your about to discuss? Luke

    1. So great to hear from you too Luke. Life drawing is going to be amazing I am sure. Got a few people mentioning that, at this rate we’ll have 24hr life drawing on tap. I’m always about here to discuss the second ant third instances.

    1. Josef that will be fantastic! I know you can’t make it tomorrow, hopefully see you next week though. Will write a post meeting post next week.

  5. Hey Simon,

    I’m really excited about the project! And also, squatting in Paris sounds good too. Hopefully I’ll get my visa by November and will be able to go at least for a few days.

    Anyways, if like to be involved, not sure how I can be useful there in terms of putting up events/workshops but I’m sure we can figure out things in our Sunday meetings.

    I’ll try my best to make it this Sunday and I’m definitely in on Sunday the 13th!

    Peace x

    1. Hey Russia! Me too! And as for Paris well, yeah. fingers crossed. The workshop you mentioned in your message sounds like it would be perfect. See you next Sunday if not tomorrow 🙂

  6. Hi Simon&all.

    Thank you for the invitation.
    I would love to submit my works as photography or stopmotion.Depends on what’s going on here.
    Keep me posted!


  7. You’re very welcome!

    That would be fantastic, there are lots of other people from all around the world who also want to send in their works. We’ll have to figure something out for you all. At this stage there are so many options wide open so its great to hear from you let’s discuss them in more detail…

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