10 thoughts on “When are you available from 20th Oct?

  1. Okay, I’m available after the 20th pretty much all the time. And obviously before – I’m getting things going on-line. I cut hair in the evenings from 6-9pm so that’s the time I can’t be around. During the day I’ll also be looking after my daughters but I’m sure there’ll be lots of friends around to also keep them entertained and they’re now old enough to keep themselves quite occupied. We’re thinking very seriously about visiting Paris from the 15th November for a fortnight but don’t have tickets yet. After that would be back in London again for the foreseeable future.

  2. Hi,
    I haven’t squatted before but want to get involved. I haven’t had time to read through all the comments and ideas yet but i can say now that i’d like to get involved and provide support in any way I can. As for dates, i can’t guarantee ill be in London on the 20th but I should be around as of Monday 21st/Tuesday 22 and currenty as I have no job i have plenty of time to invest.

    In an immediate practical sense I can help fixing up the place, help skipping materials, maybe cooking if this viable, working with others and doing what needs to be done.

    And in terms of a project I can write and i can research.

    Also quick ideas (maybe already been suggested):

    food bank / peoples kitchen
    D.I.Y. bike place (i know there are already a few out there but they are popular – although i have little skills here i do have some tools)
    language/learning centres

    Idea behind all these being that it attracts people and they are tried and tested popular methods at other squats/social centres.

    I can get back to you when I know exactly when i’m available.


    1. Stan! So great to hear all your positive and very welcome ideas. I completely agree there should be things like that. You mentioned quite a few different things there actually, how about you reply and elaborate on each of these in turn. Then others can also discuss them and propose their assistance where relevant. One of the main points mentioned is that we need to get things ready to roll by preparing on line…

      (ps Just wondering if you (or anyone) noticed when you’re writing on a computer that you can check a box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” so you don’t need to keep visiting the blog to see if someone has replied just tick that box…)

  3. Hi, I am available from the 20th.
    I am starting a course that is wed and thu 9.30 to 2.30
    And also looking for a job, preferably part time so am flexible but things could change quickly if I get said job.
    I am available to stay nights as I am effectively homeless.
    I don’t have many skills but am a mature and grounding force, there to listen and learn and help in any way.
    Does this place have a garden? if so I may know gardeners that can get involved but would need notice.
    I think getting out there and gardening is a good idea, as suggested in the last meeting by jake.

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