HE Photography group at the Victoria & Albert


I have been trying to write this for 3 days and today I decided I can’t keep hitting my head against this brick wall of words, so I’m just clicking publish anyway even though I’m quite ashamed of the messy incomprehensibility of the following post… I need to figure out another way of communicating these ideas in future so I’m going to try something new in the next few posts…

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I organised my first home education photography group at the V&A on Monday. It was great even if I do say so myself! Only one family turned up out of the invited 4 which was perfect because I didn’t want to jump in at the deep end and had anticipated that kinda turnout! The children all have flower names so it seems appropriate to refer to them as the Flowers from here.

We met in the cafe and then went upstairs to the silver galleries. I just let them play with each other for a while and get to remember each other a bit. They’re between 2&7 so I knew it was going to be very loose and unstructured and there was no way I was going to be able to make it forced at all.

I showed them how there’s actually two seperate parts to the ‘camera’, the lens and the body.
They were interested to see the camera come apart.
One of the flowers typed her name in to the search but nothing came up they should work on that! Eventually the flowers had opened the 17th drawer and inspected the lettering on silver cork and bottle ornamentation.
I asked them if the’d like to learn some more about photography and they said yes so I asked them to look into my eyes, at my pupils. I could have asked them about they’re eye colour too…  so we all had looked into each others eyes and this was actually a great bonding experience I’ve just realised. So then I said let’s do it again by the window, so over we went and they could see how the pupil was now much less dilated. The littlest Flower got bored at this point and played with my two who were also getting bored, having heard this before. The 4 year old (Oh how I hate to refer to anything numberically (deliberate silent b)) was still very much interested though and we went to a darker bit of the silver gallery and we saw how wide and dilated our pupils were.
We sat back over by the window and I set the shutter to 1″ then I told them to look carefully right inside the lens and showed them how the the blades of the diaphragm come together to change the size of the aperture  at F16, F4.5 and F2.0 while I took three photos
Then when I showed them each photo in the display they got the idea that the size of the hole changes the amount of light … it made a great series of images because the different brightness equated with the different brightness of the locations…
Then we went to a really nice part of the museum and took photos at 1″,  2″, 5″ and 10″ which resulted in again a series of brightnesses but these images were nicely smudged apart from the walls and they also got the idea of why their moving faces were blurred
II dont think my explaination about how shutter works is quite there yet. the biological analogy/similie is great. I tried to do a memopry game to convey that the longer youy fget to look at a selectoin of things the more you’d remember, but the analogy was lost on evenn me and it was my idea!
I thinks they got what I meant though when I said about the camera being like it goes around with its eyelids closed and only remembers what it sees when it opens then for a quick blink…. hmm need to work on that bit…
when her handsfeet were sharp where they touched the ground… more amazing photos all formatted.
Funny thing was the image I was looking at before the fatal formating took place I was standing exactly opposite ()when I took the photot where the bhudda used to be, and thI was dwelling ojn that when I was looking at the photos of the Dalia and Poppy running throught e corridors of the south east esia galleries…
here was also another series
Of course I had some amazing amazing images which I formatted almost as soon as I got home.
Nevertheless I also cleared up and finally prepared my new ‘office’
Miki reminded me how good I am at making things and suggested I combine this with my photography, this reflector I have been doing, the hairdressing connection is coming too Miki! thank you so much for your gentle motherly guidance! xxx As for Poetry, I don’t know. I’m thinking more about humor.

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