Reading today…

Will be going through that site more. This article and the comeback are great.

I’m an eternal optimist, not feeling eternally optimistic about feminist fashion when I saw that though. Is there stuff I’m just not picking up on there?

I hope so.

I don’t think so.

I also love Bourdin’s images probably for all the wrong reasons, haha. Did you know, in French, Guy Debord is an anagram of Guy Bourdin! Two guys, one name.

These are not images, they’re just photographs of words.


Bee Waits: The Book Edit

Will be going through that site more too! Off to audible in a moment to buy full frontal feminism soon. Nice to find out about The Purity Myth there too.

This is another gem, with so many lovely links I only just  list them! Happy happy 😀

And finally there was almost J magazine “A bi-annual fashion, art, and celebrity magazine focused on social equality — finally pop-culture has a purpose.” but it didn’t make its kickstart

… plenty more to read then  …


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