Mother Mary and Uncle Terry, the Richardsons.

Friday’s draft

As I was drifting off to sleep (eventually) last night, I was thinking about this post. Yesterday, in the morning, I’d been listening to In Our Time about the philosophy of solitude, I don’t normally listen to IOT  live – you can’t pause it on my radio. It – arrrrrrrrrgh I hate writing — anyway it dawned on me that, well … I’ve been reading a lot of feminist critique and I have appreciated that but I’m just not naturally a critic, I’d rather just do things. I love critics, but I’m just not one myself. I have loved the way these books have opened my eyes and mind – indeed my mind’s eye to reality. So what dawned on me was this problem: I’m critiquing this mysoginistic modus operandi in fashion, but what I ought to be doing is getting on with creating an alternative – in that Jain way. Of course I am already doing that, but why am I writing about this instead? I guess it does give me a lot of … motivation to get on with the alternative. It gives me an “enemy”, a position, but I can see that is really a negative source of energy. And it would be better to adopt the anarchists’ tactic of encouraging fascist deserters to come over the enemy lines in a way similar to that in which Orwell describes in Homage to Catalonia, or as Shakira put it: “no fighting, no fighting” :p Maybe that’s slightly – maybe not. So anyway, now got to the point where I know clearly my position and what I  stand for. ie I’ve got my lens close, in the Capa sense of the word, to take the analogy one step further, what I need to do now is focus. And remember that in as much as my position is defined in opposition, I need to keep in mind that it is also in alliance with many others. and even more poingnently, the living deserters were of much greater value to the anarchists than they would’ve been if killed in combat. Unfortunately fashionistas, by their very nature, are sheep, fortunately however, they’re also very fickle. There was another thing I realised last night: since that article came out on Sunday night, there’ve been a few hundred comments, mine included. If you read through all those hundreds of comments, you’ll see the truth panning itself out. That’s probably why TR, in the beginning of the article, says he hates the internet. Oh there are loads of related things I could write about, like the fact that I’m not all that opposed to most of the imagery that results from his exploitation, it’s just the exploitation. Same goes for many artists. That’s essence of the problem the article discusses and, though I doubt it was intentional, even the subtext the title is if you’re an artist it’s okay to be a predator, because the two are not mutually exclusive. There’s one last thing I want to make clear, Terry Richardson isn’t alone, undoubtedly he’s one of the worst culprits, none-the-less he’s being scapegoated, which is dangerous because there’s a whole ‘culture’ there that needs replacing. Thanks to Capa, I know where I stand.

Thursday’s draft

I woke up with a massive headache, having stayed awake until 4am reading through the comments on the article. This morning, my positive future mantra is ringing in my head. I don’t know if I can really write this post. I think I should just focus on my ideas for what my fashion photography will be about. As I was drifting into sleep I realised the best way to engage with MRA (anti-feminist) trolls* is to closely read their words. Aaaaaargh I just posted my final comment there… I’m not sure I can go on with this post. POSITIVE FUTURE SIMON!!! *thing is maybe they’re not trolls, just people who can’t see very clearly, and maybe I’m/we’re helping them to see more clearly.

Wednesday’s draft

Mary Richardson

Can’t find very many good photographs of Mary Richardson online, this one’s great. Time to get digging/publishing… To be hoenst I feel kinda bad abut mixing up mary richardson in this and not explaining her relation in words, but well, the female nude in art. Need I say more? Yes. Will I? Yes! But not very verbally.

Tuesday’s draft

Still playing the revisionist history card boo-hoo not enough its the responsibility of his colleagues ie fashionistas sexual abuse in other areas of work & life not tolerated eg … sexually abusive unsafe morality anomie tearaway terry vs mother mary March porn vigil porn=lang birdsong porn moral maze Rosie 2014 not exactly turning out to be the year of feminism marie claire* when the money runs out… birdland fashion: a method of doing style: why can he get away with it? even the article itself is falling 60% rape conviction rate I fear TR will be exonerated on account of insanity of some sort fashionsistas scapegoat no point to engage must focus on positive future mostly dropped appeal to artistic moral agency because nobody’s gonna even engage in such a joke conversation people turn a blind eye because the victims are models – mannequins Dalia told me Egyptian hieroglyphics were often multi-linear Poppy is asking for a swing

Monday’s draft

At the moment I’m printing off : Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator? This morning on woman’s hour I listened to Mary Richardson explain how she slashed the Rokeby Venus

I wrote this post in a state of flux, and published it in versions before I ‘finished’ writing it, each version was numbered, but the days seemed more apt as they correspond and I like to number things without numbers. I think I’ve finished it now, but perhaps there’s a weekend version or two. – Well there definetly is, but I’m not sure I have the capacity to write more in words, after all I am going to be a photographer – I should be using light.

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