The old post office, Kensington high Street.

Hello David,

I am looking for a space to open a feminist fashion photography studio. I will be setting up a cooperative / community interest company in the near future and would very much like to use the old post office building on Kensington high Street for this project owing to its size, and location opposite the future design museum.

I have CCd Clive Lampard a commercial property lawyer, Sydney Levinson an accountant,and Dan Thompson, an expert in popup use as I’d very much appreciate your assistance in this project.

Last week I had this brainwave whereby I’m starting a new section on my blog where my sent emails double up as blog posts, in fact I’m considering giving up emails all together… This is the 3rd such email, I’d greatly appreciate it if, instead of responding via email, you’d all reply to this message in a comment here rather than by replying by email.

Thank you and kind regards,

Simon McAndrew

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    1. Thanks Dan, I feel privileged to have your collective assistance! Really couldn’t hope for a more expert team of advisers! I remember you saying about how important it is to have a specific purpose in mind. You were so right, coincidentally turns out to be the same with photography. Now I have this purpose of feminist fashion photography feels like I’m swimming downstream. On Jul 14, 2014 6:20 PM, “Simon McAndrew” wrote:


      1. Simon, sorry – I meant to add, if it helps in any way I’d be very happy to contribute to agreeing terms with David and his team or look at any occupational licence or tenancy agreement. Let me know – I’m always on my mobile.

        Best, Clive

  1. Hi Simon

    Yes, happy to help although to be on the safe side it would be good to email me. I’ll be away from 24 July to 9 August so defintely email over that period. Apologies for Luddite tendencies!

    Good luck with everything. Clive

    PS Hi Dan! Hope all well with you.

    1. Oh that’s great Clive! Thanks! So happy to see you’re with us in these comments! Will definitely be in touch as and when the need arises. Will alert you to any developments via email if it seems you missed anything. Thank you again šŸ˜€

      On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Simon McAndrew wrote:


  2. Love it ! Born and bred on Kensington High Street , the Post Office was “my” post Office and the Odeon Kensington “my” cinema … it would be amazing if the building could be put to some creative use pending redevelopment … being opposite the new Design Museum I am sure that something like this would add to the provenance of the site and hence the value of the development – I am optimistic that Minerva would be up for it – they are proud of their proactive approach to managing properties . I’m spinning at the opening party !

    1. Sydney thanks! So great to hear from you, can’t wait to hear you spinning! I have to admit I kinda have my heart kinda set on this place, seems like the perfect space. Kensington high Street has such great memories for me too. Did you read my message to Susanna and Sonnet from the V&A? I’ve mentioned there that I think it’d be awesome to have a reincarnation of the Kensington Market inside … Ahh it’s gonna, be sweeeeeet !

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