I went to my MP’s surgery about TTIP on Monday, I got this letter today…

I began the conversation with the point that government should only take power and wealth from individuals when it has excellent reason to do so, and I asked for these excellent reasons. Robert Stroud, Greg Hands’ caseworker, a relatively jovial fellow, said they were unable to advise on policy. I said I understood that and as deputy chief whip Greg Hands wouldn’t be able to speak up for us in parliament anyway. We continued the conversation and I framed my objections in these six points which I’d remembered from an article in the Independant
  1. the NHS
  2. Food & Environment
  3. Banking Regulations
  4. Privacy
  5. Jobs
  6. Democracy (ie ISDS)
He noted these headings and the points and assured me there are “overt EU statements that address these issues”. I said what do you mean by “address”? He clarified that he meant “debunked” these issues. He said that he’ll be forwarding that info to me in writing in the very near future. I said that’s great and clarified that I’ll be forwarding on to you when I get it, and here it is below. We then talked about how I’d found the whole experience very unwelcoming. I also said that I’d like to record our next meeting, in audio or video, primarily for my benefit but I would expect to be able to share it. He was not sure, he’d never been asked before, but would let me know. He said that usually constituents would like their matters kept private, I said that’s not so for us. That was the end of the meeting and I came back to the Nomad cafe and met the other people I’d been in contact with on 38D. After I left Nomad Cafe I went back to the library to ask for a photocopy of RS’s notes but I was too late. As I waited for my bus I called the BBC and registered a complaint about their lack of coverage on TTIP.
This Monday I’m going to this tinyurl.com/MP-ttip

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