So, I haven’t changed the layout of for about 24hours now and that just doesn’t feel right! Of course I have a complete redesign in mind at the moment, for some reason I haven’t implemented it straight away though – that really is strange! The new design I have in mind is as follows: there’ll be three sections. The blog section will be reversed. The Viability Study will become a library and the Q&S will stay as it is but it’ll be renamed Tangents.


What I mean by ‘the blog section will be reversed’ is that instead of writing posts about what I have done and who I’ve been speaking to, I’ll write posts about what I’m proposing to or more specifically posts which are more like draft letters. These I’ll share and ask for feedback on. This seems like such a great idea ~I don’t know why I haven’t already had it! I think the real srtength of that idea is that its going to be much more engaging. I can see that there is a slight problem in that there may come occasions that the we might not want the person/organisation we’re writing to to be informed of what we’re about to say, but eh, that might not be such a problem. Worth giving it a go I suppose. I think that the engagement factor is so opportune that I really don’t want not to try it out for a week at least.  Then there’s the Library… This will be divided into two sections. The first will be in line with the traditional idea of what a Library is, ie a store of information, the seond is more in line with what actually happens in a modern day Library. Ie its a place where students sit on their laptop and write their dissertations. Though  obviously we’ll be working on documents like the Vuiability study and whatever else we have to write … I guess the Neighbourhood development plan is on the horizion.

Ah man I am listening to this album as I write. It is astounding. It is so repeatable. I just fear that it is one of those albums that gets old fast. but anyway.. where was I?.. Oh yeah.. The Library… Obvously there’s the photo for that… Nice. I knew that’d come in handy. So yeah what else? the Tangents. Right, why call it tangents? Well on the face of it, its just more fun than calling it Questions and suggestions, and besides I have always loved to go off on a tangent. But also the tangent is probably of the utmost importance..

Well hmm yeah, time to get back over there and fiddle with the menus again.

Oh I have so much else to write about and aparently I’m in a writing mood at the moment, but really better get on with that other stuff. I’m going to stick with the theme there, this new theme here though… I’m liking it.

Can’t wait to get my head around these portfolios though.

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