Beginning in the middle

Following a phone call with a friend I had earlier this evening I’ve decided to write up a detailed account of the day’s events specifically with regards to Holland Castle Park, of course. I’m going to try to write about 1000 words today and see if I can build that up to more of an ever increasing quality. That’s my idea of a challenge! Once I’ve got those down on paper, I’m going to transcribe them into the internet and post them to my blog and then link to the posts from the Holland Castle Park website. Well then… Time to begin

I spent a few of my waking moments looking trying to make my mind up about whether or not to tweet to MikeOHP every tweet I composed seemed so sycophantic I eventually didn’t send any. Instead I tried to buy his book but I didn’t want a signed hardback copy and I couldn’t find a copy on Waterstones either so I left it and got out of bed. We had crumpets for breakfast and got the girls to get ready for Chinese lessons. They spent the morning painting and I washed the clothes and stuff from camping and watered the tomatoes on the balcony. I thought about writing to Brandon Lewis again but I didn’t as I thought it’d be worth waiting to see if he got switched out of his role as minister for planning. Turns out this evening, according to twitter at least, Mark Francois is in his shoes now. Never heard of him.. never heard of Brandon Lewis before though!

Last week I received a letter from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea offering theire support in various capacities and I’ve been meaning to reply saying ‘Yes thank you very much’ So finally got around to that before heading off to Hampstead with our brush pens and books packed, I but I couldn’t find my notebook.

Finally found my usual spot in the church and prepared to fire a load of instagram and hashtags when the idea of a Save Holland House campaign really sank in deeply, I never wanted to mount a campaign right from the very start. I don’t think I’m naive just that I truly believe that the only reason RBK&C had not taken care of this was because they hadn’t realised what a good and important idea it would be. I guess I didn’t go into the meeting with Nick Paget-Brown in the best frame of mind and I have to admit it I probably even though him an apology in some crazy way. I really should have read a lot more of his blog posts before that meeting but eh – lesson learned. Research the target first. It is paying off already with Andrew Lloyd Webber slowly, in a strange way I’m quite sure.

I don’t want campaign though, that’s the point, would the suffragettes have got the vote if they just said nicely and politely ” come on don’t you realise it simply the right thing to do” we don’t want to campaign! of course it has to be fought for, but well,  I wish I wasn’t so.

Well yes anyway I soon got distracted in twitterI was looking for a list of people who follow HollandCastlePk to mention them in instagrams to be shared realising that following twitter handles with hashtags is so the way to go!

Soon noticed that the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings have a great stream of tweets coming through their feed and followed and closely replying to that. I believe her name is Lisa, I managed to withdraw from that thpugh and left the whole idea of a campaign / multiple accounts to turn over in the back of my head oh hold on,  I think I’ve come up with a solution #savehollandhouse! Oh simple and brilliant that must be it. The thing I hate so much about campaigns is exemplified by the protest I was once part of outside the American embassy we were squatting around that corner in the upper grosvenor street and the time was halloween and people still wore vampire clothes it was so long ago.

The point I’m going to make is that is what holland castle park is all about its not saying “no to that”  it’s saying “yes to this” it’s an example of my fundamental positive future ( not negative past) approach to life.

Browsing through my draughts folder, as I do when I need to change tack, I noticed I did not send the e-mail I thought that had to Clive so I tidied that up as best I could and off it went t. Tomorrow 12th is his masters deadline.  I had been worried he’d gone quiet despite knowing that was coming up so I wrote him a little update with what’s been going on recently and what’s in the pipeline for this week namely contacting the ex chief executive of english heritage and the Bishop of Coventry.

Chinese lesson was over and we took the northern line to moorgate and walked to spital square to see the society for the protection of ancient buildings hoping to do a little impromptu networking with the delegates planning week! What actually happened was I got to have a good chat with Margaret Dailey on reception started to get my head around their aoprach a bit better although I’m still not clear at this point having read the principles and their Manifesto. It was a great visit though and we eventually went to get some ice cream and sunshine on the way to the number 11 bus stop.

Before we got the bus so we nipped in to bishopsgate institute as the title of the green booklet leapt out at me as we approached Liverpool Street station. We went in and I looked at the names of some of the professors, especially the ones who are doing a course on the history of london buildings to 1850

Once we got home and I’ll put on another load of washing on and Bogna had cooked I sat down and finally wrote out a long e-mail to the Lords Bishop Christopher Cocksworth of Coventry asking him to look at these statement of support I’d run past the people at English Heritage mentioning a few other things at the same time and asking if he’d be able to call sometime this week.

Now it’s just past 2 and I finished writing this out in pen draught so it’s time I ought to neaten it up to a more perfected form and add some photos.  I think however if I just write it out verbatim  and include the photos that ought to suffice for the first post.

There is one last point which will probably take ages to commit into words be here goes: When I first moved to London, it was my dream to be able to see the Victoria and Albert museum from my window and when we moved here in 2009 I thought wow, my dream has come true!  although technically speaking it hadn’t but being within walking distance I thought well that’s good enough. But about 3 months ago when I started this whole Holland Castle Park escapade the building opposite started being demolished and a couple of days ago scaffolding started coming down to the point at which I can now see the statue on the top of the museum. I’d set myself a 6 month time frame at the very outset, it was a long lines of february to september 15 agree head of terms, september 15 to 2020 prepare foundations, 2020 – 2040 rebuild Holland Castle to reopen by centenary of its bombing. Anyway the point all that is the preamble to is this: Communication is it to part process, the first part is observation and the second is sharing that observation with others. This 3 month point, marked by the appearance of the Victoria and Albert museum is the beginning of the second part where I share my observations. I really do need to sleep now though as it’s super late.

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