Finding my wings with Twitter

Yesterday’s first post in this series of Holland Castle Park posts stretched long into the wee small hours, and still I’m tempted to go back and polish it up a bit. Instead however, I’ve decided to focus on today’s post and then get into a very hot bath. Furthermore I wanted to restrict myself to spending a total of 1 hour on this, but it is already fast approacing three hours.

Once again I started the day scrolling through tweets, which I’d complemented with some hand written notes to keep track of the most interesting ones. Catching up on these tweets took way too long and I eventually realised unfollowing accounts that tweet lots of irreleavnt stuff would quicken my scrolling. The most useful tweet I came across was by @IHBCtweet mentioning thier National Database of Listed Building Prosecutions. I will be letting an amazing lawyer, who has already helped more that he seems to realise know all about that. He handed in his dissertation and willl from tomorrow be able to once again devote more time to Holland Castle Park, perhaps it is no coincidence then that the database came to my attention today.

Last week Simon Thurley (until very recently chief executive of English Heritage) responded to a recent e-mail saying he’d be happy to have a brief chat about Holland Castle Park. Oddly I have not been able to contact him since… I’ve interpreted this as an incidence of communication problems playing to our advantage and am taking the opportunity to inaugerate the draft messages page of the website. I’ve asked a couple of people what I could say to him; my dad, and a mum friend of mine. I’ve added their thoughts as comments in the hope that this will give that part of the site some momentum. I’m hoping more people will start commenting there soon. I’m acutley aware of the possibility that future visitors will rebound at the first, orientatoin, stage of the Drexler-Sibbet model and I’m thinking about how I can incorporate that observation into the welcome page itself. I should ask them…

The engaging interaction on twitter was probably being followed by @londonNP and @GreenConnect_UK which led to this live YouTube broadcast inspired by #parkHour which happens every second Tuesday. I wonder if Twitter drove any traffic to the site over the past couple of days…

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