People saying stuff.

The hunger. The ever present gnawing hunger. We called it Mutu. Mutu was one of many spirits who lived in us. Obviously I didn’t have these words to express myself back then. Way    back   then. The saltwaterfall had grown larger with every moon, that was one of the only constants, that’s why we worshipped her […]

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Overcoming smoking.

How we choose to define one habit or another, as good or bad, is up to us. To be able to make such choices consciously however requires an unusually high degree of self awareness. I had a problem habit. Cigarettes. Or should I say “nicotine”? No – its cigarettes. This is about much more than […]

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A chat with Daniel Moylan

I spoke to Daniel Moylan at lunch time today. Paul Finch recommended I speak to him a couple of months ago at Simon Thurley’s Wren Talk. Daniel told me it would have been because he’s is the only person Paul knows on Kensington Chelsea council. When I mentioned that I am also speaking to Warwick […]

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