Hello Oliver

It was nice to bump into you in the street again at the weekend, I trust you’ve had an enjoyable Summer :D

As I mentioned, I’m teaching photography to children at the Victoria and Albert museum. If I recall correctly from our conversations at the gym your work at Canon is about how to further assist your customers. I think Canon would do well to take a leaf out of Apple’s book and make training in the use of your equipment a significant part of your service. I expect this is something that you do at the moment, to some degree, but it is not something I, as a consumer, am aware of.

I recently attended an event at Peter Jones organised by Olympus which was promoted as an opportunity to learn more about how to make the most of your DSLR or something like that, in actuality however, the evening was a thinly veiled sales experience with very little advice given to the photographers in attendance… Clearly there is a lot of room for Canon to excel in this area.

The young children I teach photography to are able to grasp the fundamental concepts of Tv and Av very easily, and it is amazing to see where their imaginations run with these concepts. It is obviously necessary to communicate these concepts using a DSLR and while I am more than happy to let them play around with my 500D, I am nervous that one day it’s gong to get dropped and I’ll be out of action for a while. Furthermore I’d like to get more children involved from this autumn and this will require more cameras…

So in essence what I’d like is to borrow a few DSLRs from you which I could let the children use on Friday afternoons from mid September. Refurbished / ex display / or whatever would be more than adequate.

I hope this is something you will be able to assist with, please let me know if/when you might be available to discuss things further.

Kind regards,

Simon McAndrew


Last week I had a brainwave: I’ve started a new section on my blog where my sent emails double up as blog posts, in fact I’m considering giving up emails all together… This is the 2nd such email, I’ll only include your reply at your specific request, however subsequent messages sent from me are likely to make your reply (or lack thereof :) intuitable (intuitable: is that really a word? :)


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