What always irritated me.

Its been ages since I wrote anything of any length on a computer. I wrote my way through a pad of A4 recently, by hand! It felt amazing to open it at random few times and find something engaging. That’ll be because I wrote it though, and obviously I’m biased. As amazing as it felt, it wasn’t easy and I’ve since left a new pad untended for almost a month. After filling that first pad, I thought I ought to try recording videos instead.

I’ve recorded a few but I guess I’m being shy or I’ve got stage-fright or the youtube equivalent. I seem keen to include some self-sabotage too, usually by starting the video with a huge bong, which leads to procrastinating about whether or not I’ll be arrested, or how I might bring myself into disrepute by being so blasé about blazing. The taboos associated with weed are one of the things I want to talk about. Eventually if I do decide to upload it, it literally takes all night as Walk Walk’s internet connection is hypercrap, but that can be overcome easily by uploading at the museums.

I think my main fear is that I’ll be one of those youtubers who go on for 10 – 20 min rants without getting their point across concisely. When I record my next video I’m going to use a mind map in the hope that this will focus me. Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be easier than writing which has always… what’s the phrase… irritated me.


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