I’ve been working on Holland Castle Park since February. It’s a long term project, to revitalise the history and ecology of Holland Park, and most importantly to repair the ruins of ‘Holland Castle’ within.

I recently began putting together the following SWOT and PEST analyses and would greatly appreciate feedback on them I’m thinking about adding them to the Library. They summarise and explore the project further:

SWOT analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Exciting project with huge educational potential in a very wide and practical sens
  • Value generation.
  • Traditional history opportunities.
  • Compared to 50 years opportunistic budget accommodation this project has the moral high ground…
  • The political climate is ideal as the Localism Act is in favour of such projects.
  • The project has strong support and interest already. (To be listed)
  • This is just the very beginning of a very long-term project and needs to develop and perform fast if it’s to compete.
  • There are very few of us and we are not yet formed as a specific team.
  • Minimal strategy is in place, there is no business plan (10:00am 27/5/15 business centre appointment)
  • Poor (but clear!) relations exist with the Leader’s office a`nd planning dept’s at RBKC.
  • The Friends of Holland Pk are incredulous, ie unwilling or unable to believe it is possible.
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s interdepartmental inertia is thick (eg arboricultural dept not responsible for the trees in the park)
  • Unsensational therefore of little interest to traditional media.
  • Lack of immediate funding.
Opportunities Threats

There are so many opportunities that a separate post will be linked to soon, from this sentence.

If you can see any opportunities to sustain Holland Park in a biodiverse and historically respectful way (for example: as an organic city farm; or as an open air theatre; etc) please share your ideas with a comment!

  • Safestay have already been granted a 50yr lease on the the east wing.
  • Opera Holland Park are hoping to get a lease on the site.
  • Quadron have a contract to manage the park at present.
  • Burnout, lots to do for few people!
  • Disturbance to wildlife when repair goes ahead.
PEST analysis
Political Economic
Whig Party
Neighbourhood planning
Identity / Englishness?
Social Technological
The enlightenment
Progressive Whig party
Catholic Emancipation
Great Reform Act


biodiversity conservation

economic growth

Satellite archeology

Do you have any ideas about how the Park should/could be?

What do you think of these SWOT and PEST analyses?


2 thoughts on “SWOT

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