lets speak

Yeah sunday should be good, lost my voice actually so a chat wouldn’t have been a great idea after all – that message was hanging around in my drafts and I thought I was on the mend but have relapsed since and now in bed zonking off to female chauvinist pigs. I really want to […]

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Terry Richardson Gaslights Accusers, Blames Internet in New Open Letter

Originally posted on Flavorwire:
In a lot of ways, the only surprising thing about Terry Richardson’s open letter to “correct” the “rumors” about his conduct over the years is that it’s taken him this long to write it. There’s certainly nothing surprising about its content — it’s exactly the sort of combination of gaslighting and…

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1st meeting

Here’s what I remember from Sunday’s meeting. If you were there, or indeed if you weren’t, and there are points you want to discuss or elaborate on, please reply to the comments below: Sunday’s meeting went really well, I’m over the moon to see we have a small and very strong group developing so quickly. Don’t […]

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Who wants to do what?

It’s been wonderful hearing back from everyone over the past few days – thank you for your replies! So that we can really start to embrace a spirit of creative collaboration, I’m asking you all to take a few moments to briefly describe what you want to do in reply to this post. Making the […]

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Lost property

I’ve decided to get another squat started. I began by sending a text message to the people I’d met outside 18 upper Grosvenor Street, about 12 people replied. Thanks peeps, great to hear from you! Please outline briefly how you’d like to make use of a squat in the comments below. I’m writing this post […]

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This spring, Bogna and I visited old friends and made new ones in aftersquats in Paris and Hamburg. In France squatting is legal half the year round. In Germany, it’s completely illegal, all year round. 59 Rivoli, was squatted in 1999 and for the past 13 years has been home to six floors of artist’s […]

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