This was our first full day in Paris, I should try to remember more about, stuff to add to these photos…


lets speak

Yeah sunday should be good, lost my voice actually so a chat wouldn’t have been a great idea after all – that message was hanging around in my drafts and I thought I was on the mend but have relapsed since and now in bed zonking off to female chauvinist pigs. I really want to […]

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Book club anyone?

I’ve recently read The Beauty Myth , Feminism A Very Short Introduction , Living Dolls , Feminism & Pop Culture , Full Frontal Feminism , On Photograpy and I’m just getting tucked into How To Be A Woman I’ve got a few of the older classics on the reading list including The Female Eunuch and The 2nd Sex … all suggestions most welcome! Oh and I just went over 13 episodes of TEDx Covent […]

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