A chat with Daniel Moylan

I spoke to Daniel Moylan at lunch time today. Paul Finch recommended I speak to him a couple of months ago at Simon Thurley’s Wren Talk. Daniel told me it would have been because he’s is the only person Paul knows on Kensington Chelsea council. When I mentioned that I am also speaking to Warwick […]

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I’ve been working on Holland Castle Park since February. It’s a long term project, to revitalise the history and ecology of Holland Park, and most importantly to repair the ruins of ‘Holland Castle’ within. I recently began putting together the following SWOT and PEST analyses and would greatly appreciate feedback on them I’m thinking about adding them to […]

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Finding my wings with Twitter

Yesterday’s first post in this series of Holland Castle Park posts stretched long into the wee small hours, and still I’m tempted to go back and polish it up a bit. Instead however, I’ve decided to focus on today’s post and then get into a very hot bath. Furthermore I wanted to restrict myself to […]

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Beginning in the middle

Following a phone call with a friend I had earlier this evening I’ve decided to write up a detailed account of the day’s events specifically with regards to Holland Castle Park, of course. I’m going to try to write about 1000 words today and see if I can build that up to more of an […]

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