Back from the back burner…

I thought I’d come to an ideological impasse, but I’ve a hunch I’m just the victim of pro-plastic propaganda. I just didn’t believe in the importance and moral value of a campaign to reduce plastic bags usage. Trevor‘s reply to my email got my burners jiggling again though. Dear Simon, Thank you for your email. […]

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I spent the morning scouring the internet and on the phone. The day started with another call to Andrew Richmond. He’s been in touch with the Trafalgar Square people and it looks like it’s all set to go ahead for September. I’ll meet him next Tuesday. This gave me a real kick and I started […]

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37,000,000 consequences.

Four people come to mind when I think about plastic bags. Andrew Richmond of the Greater London Authority, Trish Pargeter of Greener-upon-Thames, Bob Gordon of the British Retail Consortium and Vivienne Westwood, specifically her active resistance blog. Andrew is the GLA’s Policy and Programmes Manager for waste.  On 16th February, I proposed the idea of collecting a week’s worth of London’s plastic bags […]

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I’ve decided to make my site more wholesome. I’m working on various things in my life: 

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