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Hi! I’m a freelance hairstylist based in Knightsbridge, I visit my clients in hotels, apartments and offices throughout central London (et plus en plus a Paris!)

In 1996, aged 17 I stopped studying Sociology, Geography, German and Psychology and began an apprenticeship at my local Toni + Guy salon in Guildford.

I woke up on my 18th birthday and had moved to London where I continued my apprenticeship with John Frieda in Mayfair. After my second year of apprenticeship, I completed my training by attending Vidal Sassoon’s school and began to assist the session stylists who I’d met along the way. I contacted Streeters and found myself assisting Eugene Souleiman, who brought me to Paris.

I soon decided to move to Paris myself and once here I continued assisting session stylists and found artists, photographers and designers to work with. I had an eclectic studio/salon in 59 Rivoli and eventually aged 23 I was invited to teach in Aichi Beauty College and moved to Nagoya, Japan to teach hairdressing there.

After 2 months there, I decided to use my get out clause and returned to London where I began the process of working with various teams mostly for magazines and approached designers as I had done in Paris, this time via Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art and worked with them on their shows and final year projects. By around 2005 I was represented by an agency and some money had just begun to come in. I recall my first paid shoot was for the packaging for a Babyliss tong.

However, I had begun to tire of fashion and started to explore alternative careers in art/architecture. For the next few years, I continued to be represented by another agency, visiting private clients in their hotels and homes. I studied a Foundation in Architecture at London Metropolitan University around 2005 where I gained darkroom experience and began teaching myself photography. I was also an extremely active founding member of DA! an anarchist art collective which squatted long term vacant properties in Kensington, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Italian Vogue interviewed me about this in 2010. I had also been invited to reapply for a postgraduate degree in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art I was too unorthodox.

From then on I began to concentrate less on Hair and Art as by this point I was a full-time home educating father. Now our family is growing I’m able to once again devote my time to my career and am currently promoting myself building a clientele in Paris and London.

Direct to door services have really taken off since I was involved in them 10 years ago. (Here’s an article from Time Out in 2007 I’m featured in). I’m very excited to be getting back into this technologically advanced online world of bookings and self-representation.

I’m keen to meet photographers, hairdressers, designers, models, make-up artists, stylists, set designers, actors, musicians get in touch!

Prices in (£/€)

Haircut and blowdry 95

Long haircut 60

Short haircut 50

Children 30

Weddings 250

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In Paris until 5th Oct, London from 6th.

+33 7 89 63 04 55